Jul 4, 2011

They just left it unsaid...........

They were different. Different from others and different from each other. 

He was industrious, orderly, strict, respected…........err predictable?. But she could see right through him.
She knew when he was timid, shy, and confused. She alone saw the caterpillar in him waiting to transfigure into a butterfly and fly away. And her very presence gave him wings. It was as if he chose to shed his pride and all the airs he carried, only in front of her.
She was everything he was not. She was warm, wild, fun, free, knew how to laugh, and never planned anything beyond a day.
I like to live my life messy, that way I'd atleast know Im living” she had said once to him, when he was busy taunting her for being impulsive.

That day he could hardly take his eyes off her.
He watched her chasing the flying ducks with no cares about how muddy her trench coat  got; how she turned back and smiled at every little child she met on her way,and how that any kind of flower that grew on the pavement brought sparkles into her eyes. He watched as her wavy hair bumped and bounced back and forth, and for a moment he wished to be that breeze which played with her soft and delightful strands of hair.
He wanted to wipe off the cream from her lips, as she sucked on her ice candy
He wanted to smell her neck as she drifted away at the sight of a rainbow.

Here's a woman”, he thought “ hazardously addictive!!”

They were always together; not a day has passed by without them meeting.
He would wait every morning at the creek side and walk her to their favorite cafe for breakfast.
She would laugh. And would make him laugh too. Laugh truly.
Your smile doesn't reach your eyes mate, whats your problem in life”, those were the very first words she spoke to him when they met for the first time.
He had beautiful, soft eyes. It always glinted even behind his round glasses. And a lot of people had told him before that the first thing they ever noticed about him was his eyes.
But this was the first time someone told him , that his eyes couldn't smile.
And since then, his eyes never failed to smile.

One would expect them to be in love. Expect them to be a couple. And no one can blame can anyone for thinking that way.
For they were always together, giving each other their time and company, sharing not just breakfast but their lives, completing one another........
We dont even hold hands, we are not lovers, dearie”, he heard her telling her best friend as they scuttled out of the library.
But you held my hand through everything” he thought, as he buried himself inside his computer, and opened a new tab.

Today, they were at the same creek, watching the river flow by, and a family of ducks swimming in line.
They've done this quite a few times. They would just sit there silently. Enjoying the silence-- ---and that was the best conversation they used to have.

She had stretched back and raised herself up on her elbows, crossed legs and cradled her feet in rhythm. He sat a few steps away from her, tensed and pulled grass from every corner his fingers could stretch up to.
Are you okay? Why are you angry at the grass?” she noticed like always.
He gasped and broke into a  laugh, bit his lips and then managed to say it . “ I am getting engaged.”.
Her cradling feet lost its rhythm, all of a sudden. It slowed down and eventually stopped.. She sat up and looked down for a while. She pulled a few blades of grass herself.
There was a silence. A long, loud silence. The one silence they both didn't enjoy.
And then she finally turned to him with the widest smile ever and said, “Wow, Congratulations!”

He turned to look at her , leaned forward to place his hand on hers and said “ Don't smile so much, those tears in your eyes might just spill over”
She laughed at this so hard, that it tumbled down endlessly. It was like her eyes had given up on fighting them back, like they couldn't hold them anymore.

They knew it then. They knew for sure. But they never said it. And now they never will......


  1. Thanks!!Im glad you liked it.

    Another reader gave
    "Minus marks for your boy for coming up with one of the corniest dialogues ever said by a GUY in love....."


  2. For the reader who wanted the corny line removed. The post has been edited to just " Im getting engaged"

  3. Beautifully crafted !!
    But m still confused. Did they or did they not get together?

  4. @ Red Handed : Thankyou so much!!

    And Did they get together??
    How about we just leave it unsaid.... :)