Jul 23, 2011


One and a half years...... and I was there and back again!
The place which changed me and grew me
The place that tortured  and loved me at the same time
The place that gave me wings and kept me rooted......
I held my breath in delectable exhilaration when the bus passed through the longest flyover in Shamshabad. I could see the whole city from up there. I even thought I caught a glimpse of the fort of Golconda.

Not much had changed.  No lush carpet of greenery or overbearing trees.
Its all the very old rock boulders and skyscrapers. 

Mushroom Rock at the University Campus
Except  most of the  glass edifices had safety nets on it, which pretty much reminded and explained everything about the agitation in the city. Days are close when one would have to say “ I studied at the University of Telangana”
Otherwise everything else was just the same.
The  loathsome chlorinated hard-water said 'welcome home'. And the bumpy share autos took me around that home.
Naam , Namak Aur Nishaan  written at the gates to Sainikpuri... ..never had noticed that before, perhaps new.

Calvin Nambiar on a sunday afternoon

My niece has grown taller. But shes still the giggling bundle of cuteness, who likes to try on my Kajal stick and Livon Hair potion.

Theres a new addition to the Nambiar family – Goofy Nambiar. Calvin and Winnie Nambiar  likes the new company Im sure. It was nice meeting you all.

Radhettan, at the shopcom, who still dint even ask for the order, and with his infectious smile gave us our share of gopi bonda and chai.
An old pic outside Radhettan's shop 
It felt good to be back,character-gazing with my Sattwick friend. There were all sorts.

Met some old faces, and spotted the psuedos, the survivors, the intellectuals, the industrious, the love birds, the leaders........

Miss perfect melancholy has become prettier. Her room still smells of microbe-repellants  and Tao physics . That was the best Qubaani ka Meetha I had with her over a lot of catching up. 
I jumped with joy at the sight of my old ladybird cycle. She is still pink in health and is not missing me much.

The Birthday Circle
Was walking again through the Birthday circle with Mr Jobless and Frivolous Maturity
And we were back to being students again, and got drenched in the nostalgic mizzle.

Crept into the children's park and stole a ride on the swings.
Laughed at each other's jokes, caught up on each other's life.

And sighed with so much relief and gratitude that our good old friends have not changed much.
And worshiped and thanked life again for being so impeccably beautiful.

The morning I reached Bangalore, as I was getting to work, I told the auto-driver “ ikkada  left theeskondi”( Take a left here, please In Telugu).  Telugu??? I forgot  whatever Broken Kannada I knew in  just a weekend??
And that moment laughed at me and said out loud “ Aappandi!!!” ( STOoooooP) .
'Stop for a while and take this in !'


  1. Calvin Nambiar is just so cute!
    Nd that Mushroom rock looks so dangerous..which part is it?
    I did not get the APPANDI part.

  2. @ Red Handed : Thanks for dropping by !
    Calvin, Goofy and Winnie Nambiar are Spaceman spiff's pets ( all stuffed toys). All as cute as she is .
    And the Mushroom Rock is a National Heritage Site which is situated in our campus. Students go for afternoon treks there. Its quite easy to climb.
    Aappandi in Telugu just means " STOP, please."

  3. @Red Handed: Guess who Calvin Nambiar, and the rest of the Nambiar's belong to. :P
    And 'Aappandi' in Telugu means "Please stop!"

    Thanks for the honourable mentions to my brood, Thush! :) It really was a great weekend, wasn't it? :) Come back again soon.

  4. @ Spaceman : Im so glad that after all these years, you still kept them. It was somehow a very pleasant reassurance that somethings will never change.

  5. :) Yup. I may have done away with some people in my life, but those guys are for life. :)