Jun 24, 2011

The Same Mistake!

I couldn't believe when I woke up that it was a dream. Because I was so sure that it was real!!
As soon as I jumped out of my bed, it came onto me that this was going to haunt me all my life........

It grew on me like an infection and now it has become that tiny splinter at the back of my head that pricks me in the most unguarded moments, driving me mad............ And I wrench my teeth in pain.

Then theres my stupid mind that is still  holding onto those wild dreams, like its life depended on it. In a desperate attempt to stay aboard, it threatens reason with questions that would hurt my ego.

And I hated it ….. the very thought of having to put them on the scales to see which was lighter?
For I knew what I want is too heavy to carry. 

So should I bend?, so that I dont break??

I felt like Neo in Matrix . I was having nightmares of losing Trinity. I could see her falling............only falling, but. And I cannot see beyond. Only if I knew what I could do about it......
And James Blunt sings in the background
Give me reason, but dont give me choice. 'Cause I just might make the same mistake again.”

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  1. Di, I've tagged you.