Feb 6, 2014

Looking back at 10,000

He did something last night that he never does in public. As soon as we placed our orders and said our quick 'thankyous' to the waitress, he takes my hands from across the table to squeeze them gently ( never done that in public, has he? NO!!)  and says " Happy 10,000th Day to you, Grandma ! "

At first I go, "WHAT"? and then I'm like , "Oh my God!" . He smiles.

Yeah, My husband's slightly weird that way . No dinner surprises for our first anniversary but surely he has planned one for my 10,000th day.

So yesterday I turned 10,000 days old!

Facebook is busy celebrating their 10th by' looking back '. So I thought that must be a real clever thing to do today.
I don't have a cheesy movie with a fine piano background to share. My Facebook life ain't  too fancy,  I realised.

But here are the top 10 things that happened to me in the last 10,000 days:
  1. Grew up from a messy eater to appreciating food, flavours and ingredients.
  2. I have started understanding political news. The 'logic, doesn't elude me anymore'
  3. It took me all these days to become a girl, an 'emotional being' as they say. Now I cry shamelessly watching upworthy videos, laugh at silly jokes and smile at simple things.  ( More about my struggle to be able to CRY can be found here.)
  4. My life long ambition to weigh at least 50 kgs has been met. ( Thanks to a certain Ninja growing inside me) Everyone single person who gave me hell just  because I was slim can go flog themselves now!
  5.  Found and lost Music - and have now come to terms with the unfathomable.
  6.  I think I have also finally learnt to separate fantasy from reality. ( Saves you from unwanted disappointment )
  7.  I was lucky enough to learn Sanskrit, and get introduced to Vedanta. ( And the learning  continues...)
  8.  It's true what they say. 'An idea can change your life'. For now,there is an 'Idea', that inspires me every single day. Finally there is a sense of purpose and commitment to life. (More about it, in good time.) 
  9.  Gratitude- I have learned to love life and be truly thankful for what I have ( Wouldn't have really understood this without my husband. So, Thankyou ! Once again!)
  10.  I finally understand LOVE, and I proudly consider this to be my biggest achievement so far.

I'm really glad and content with this list. It's quite a reassuring reminder that you aren't doing too bad in life.
Are you 10,000 days old yet ? If Yes , what does your 'look- back' say?

P.S :  I also slogged my way to 10,000 hits on this blog

 So here is a  bonus point - 

11. I started a blog which I callously  left unattended for almost a year , and I never lost even one follower?  That is too good to be true. Thank you guys, for all your kindness!