Aug 30, 2013

Just Today

Its just today. Today is not like other days.

Today I wanna go back to riding my rusty old cycle in the University campus.
Today I wanna go back to watching Che Guevara movies and feel goosebumps.
Today I wanna sit under the tree drinking Bada Chai and discuss perhaps 'cultural hegemony'?
Today I wanna huddle up with my mates and create a storyboard.
Today I wanna pack my camera and tripod and set out to shoot the labourers in South Campus
Today I wanna dream of making that one difference they keep talking about.
Today I wanna go and howl at the moon near the new chemistry block.
Today I wanna sleep in the edit suite.
Today I wanna eat  Pesarettu and Bagara Baigan from the Mess.
Today I wanna laugh at my blunders.
Today I wanna cry over my fears.
Today I wanna spit on my content.
Today I wanna thank all my mistakes.

But then its JUST Today.

'Cause tomorrow I'll wake up, drink a bottle of water , brush and bathe, make tea and breakfast , get ready and go to work.

And forget about Today.