Jan 9, 2012

What are they made of ???

Living alone is so much easier. You wake up whenever you want. Cook and eat whatever you want.
Who cares if you haven't made the bed?
Or left the tea cup all day on your table, till you finished that book.
You don’t have to worry about feeding your family, cleaning the house, fixing that faulty phone, washing clothes, or watering your plants.
Functioning in a family; being at HOME….is altogether another ball game.

I made the terrible mistake of helping my mom in the kitchen yesterday. And now I drown and drench in remorse and shame, feeling like a worthless worm.

Woke up slightly early, and gave a hand in making a few chappatis, and a curry; and let her go to get ready for work, as I washed the vessels and cleaned the kitchen.

I was feeling both happy and worried.
Happy ; for I was able to give her some time off!
Worried ; 'cause I took almost two whole hours to complete the most basic chores in the kitchen. (I gotta do some serious catching up)
Just when I was filling my chest with that pneumatic pride of being the most dutiful daughter, I see my mom coming out, her forehead smeared with chandanam.( sacred sandalwood paste)

So what was our lady doing with that extra few hours that I worked hard to give her?
She prays! “Its Makayiryam”, she says. “Its good to fast today, for the well being of your children”
I give her sometime for herself, and she spends it all off praying for her kids!

I stood there for a while, knocked out- my eyes following her but meanwhile imagining if I would have the courage or strength to be half of what she is, when I get there.

This woman, who still holds the stitches down her stomach every time she coughs, asks only one thing of me as she rushes to work, “Eat on time, darling”.
She fasts, and I have to make sure that I eat!

I sat down at the porch, till I saw her take the turn down the road and wondered......
Mothers!! What are they made of? Really?

And somehow Im reminded of a quote by one of my favourite authors: “Think what cowards men would be if they had to bear children. Women are altogether a superior species”*

* George Bernard Shaw
P.S: And today, our lady is fasting for her Husband's well being (Thiruvathira)! Mothers, I tell you!!
P.P.S: Sorry guys! Im actually in a phase where Im thinking, “Men are great! And every woman needs one” And Im in no mood for any sort of male bashing, But I just couldnt help but agree with Mr Shaw here.


  1. MOTHERS ...
    they say that when god got so busy with day to day working he created MOTHER to look out in his stead and ever since mothers have done that ...


  2. This was beautiful....
    Have you heard the song... 'SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN TO ME' by BILLY JOEL!!??
    Pls do

  3. Wonderful post. Yes, mom's are something special. :)

  4. Bikram: YUp, God couldnt have created anything better!

    Redhanded: Thankyou :) And yeah it sure does reminds one of the song!

    Sumitra: Thankyou Sumitra :) Im new to your new blog, And i must Im thrilled!!

  5. There's a quote I read somewhere-"God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers.

    You know, each time I go home, amma doesn't let me do anything around the house. Why? She says I'm on holiday, so I should take rest. :/ But I make it a point to help her out in the kitchen. Because she never gets a chance at a holiday. I've been asking her to come stay with me for ages. But I know that even if she comes, she'll still be in the kitchen full time. It won't be a holiday for her. Just a new kitchen.

  6. Excellent tush;)dedicated to all the mothers in the world
    I really agree to GB Shaw.
    "Nothing in the world can be compared to Mothers love."
    Hatsoff to the world's best creation by God.
    In her pain also she just selflessly care and pray for her children.
    U really made me feel home sick:(

  7. Spiff: How true.... :)

    Silent Listener: God's best creation Indeed. :)

    Nags: Im glad if it did :)

  8. on my knees, and I absolutely agree with Shaw!!
    also got reminded of the first page of shobhaa de's book, Speed Post!!!

    God Must be a mother!!!

  9. Seeker: Cant tell you how psyched I am to have you back on the blogosphere. :)

  10. after reading i felt like...no god is equal to mother... she is much more than a god.