Sep 21, 2011

The moth and the flame

When your feet drags, where it used to sprint
When your eyes smile, where it used to squint
When your hand trembles, where it wanted to grab
And you forget to breathe, but rather gasp

You look away, and your eyes wander
Not 'cos you want your mind to ponder
For, you just dont want your eyes to tell
What your heart is afraid to say

Then comes the day you learn from a moth
That “the flame has always been you”

 Then you know, those awkward silences that passed both
When you run out of things to talk; been 'cause neither could say 'I love You'

A secret desire to hear it from him and wish
He might have whispered  under his breath
Funny, how lil we remembered of each other back then”
And what would it take now to forget.

And so is this how it really feels?
To fall that hard, with nowhere to land
That quiet shudder, when you watch him stand
'Unable to stay …....and unwilling to leave.....'

Sep 17, 2011

The one on Serendipity, a bulky Uterus and the constant Pregger!

Serendipity is a fortuitous discovery, especially while looking for something entirely different”, says the dictionary. Happy accidents , basically!
But I wonder if there is a word for eerily awkward and embarrassing accidents! All you Logophiles,...... HELP me out please .'Cause, I would really like to know what this thing is , that has been happening to me over and over again.

And Dear Holy-Whoever out there, I pray and beg you, to not make the world any smaller. This is too weird for me to handle!

But may be not as weird as holding your own Mother's bulky uterus I guess.
Now how often do you actually get to see the womb you were born in?. So I couldnt get more excited when I had to play the dutiful child, helping with Amma's Hysterectomy.
No..... I chickened out when the doctor called for us to hand over the neatly chopped out uterus . Though people who saw it told me it looked as big as me when I was born :P
But the whole experience was sweet! Taking care of Amma was like taking care of an over-grown baby. Helping her walk, bathe , pee...... dress her up, feed her, put her to sleep every night with lullabies.....
To wake up alarmed in the middle of the night every time she coughed in her sleep, or when she tried turning over to the other side.....
Im really glad I could be there to just do all that for her. I miss smelling her cheek whenever she grinned at me!
I miss the smell of my home ... the smell of ploughing in the nearby field...that balanced blend of cow-dung and earth …thats one damn sweet smell that brought tears of happy memories and got me all nostalgic! I had completely let myself out in that delicious aroma, when she 'purr'ed and brushed her ear against my ankle.

'Chingaari' --my neighbour's cat. She is a constant Pregger! I cant recall the days when I saw her not carrying. She's loaded , all the time. Now , Im not very cat-friendly, but this sweetheart here has managed well to win me over.

The only sad thing about her getting pregnant is that, she fails to protect her new-borns, mostly. The kittens are killed and eaten up by a wild cat every time. I never get to see her babies. They are murdered, even before they can open their eyes. Poor Chingaari runs around the house crying and mourning; worse, lactating. And my heart goes out to that helpless mother every time!

But this time I helped her keep a watch on her babies! And touch-wood, all her three kittens are still alive. And they all look just like her, beautiful black and white fur balls!
Have you heard of this age old belief that if a cat litters in your house, it will bring you good news!?!

Last time Chingaari littered and her kittens survived, my sister got engaged!
And guess whats the good news this time?
No prizes for guessing, Im gonna be an Aunt! :D