Mar 27, 2012

I want my life.........................

Disclaimer: Time pass writing ahead.......  Apologies for not showing up regularly !!
Super busy , tired and mostly day dreaming..... So here is a glimpse to some of my fleeting thoughts, which I had to quickly hold by its tail and struggle and juggle to force it onto the blog. 

I want my life..................

To be an Einaudi playlist.
With no lyrics you smile, without wings you fly

To be a Mindy Gledhill song
And float like “a scoop of vanilla cream in strawberry soda”

A Shakespearean sonnet, a poem by Neruda
A parmesan Pizza, a fruity Faluda

A prose by Lamb, A Murakami story
A tulip garden in all its glory

A van Gogh painting, A Tuscan villa
A sunny afternoon over a yummy Quasedilla

To be as pure as the driven snow
And as delicate as the morning dew

To have the beauty of a setting sun
And the calmness of a millpond

To be wild, full and free all above
And to always have you and your love