Jun 20, 2011

The Complete Man....!

I had always wondered what makes a man complete.

If one has to go by the Raymonds ad, then the complete man would walk in with an appointment order of a high profile job in Singapore and then later on would surprise his mother by bringing out two air tickets instead of one and eventually celebrate the whole episode by dancing with her, twirling her in happiness.

Or he can also be the unpredictable romantic, who plays an old 80's hindi song and grabs his bashful wife and sweeps her feet off as they break into a tango, at a gathering bringing laughter to everyone around as well. The picture becomes perfect and complete as a cute boy runs to the couple and our man picks him up playing the most affectionate Dad.

Raymonds has always been successful in painting pictures of such complete men -- The complete son, the complete husband....... I love those ads, but it always got me pondering why these men never did anything different. I havent seen Raymonds' complete men, cooking, or cleaning or fixing broken things?

My complete man is a super human being at times.

An amazing cook, with a commendable palate. A skilled photographer whose favourite subjects were his beautiful wife's long luscious hair and his two lil babies' drooling and gaping faces. A self taught flautist, keyboard player, and tablist. A man with green fingers who is very proud of his produce. Someone who does not believe that cleaning and washing is meant for women alone; Who doesn't wait for any plumber if the sink is broken, or if the tank needs cleaning. Who can do a decent job than any other carpenter in the town, and takes the patience to actually make cute devices for his wife, like the water-tank alarm, so that she wont forget to turn off the switch when the tank is full!!. This man, who would not want to let off the chance to stitch a saree blouse for his wife, or alter a skirt for his daughter. Someone who had adorned the whole house with his hand-made curtains and cushions. The same love and skill which made me that pillow, which I slept peacefully on all those years in hostel. The same man, who turns into Florence Nightingale, when his wife or daughter falls ill.

This man, who loved to iron his girls' uniforms, and get them ready for school. This man, who had carried me on his shoulder as a baby so that I could see the whole world in a higher perspective, who had carried me every morning from the bed to the bathroom and washed my face for me as a little girl, so that I don't get late for school. This man who would wait for me yet again, to gulp down that last mouthful of porridge, so that I don't get late for college. ( See? not my fault, one doesn't grow up when one has such a super-daddy)

This is the man who tied my hair almost everyday till I turned10. This is the man, who would do anything to get home from another country , for he had not missed a single birthday of his li'l girl.
This is the man , whose eyes would well up with tears, for one day it suddenly dawns upon him that his child has grown up.

Here is a man, who can so be the romantic husband in the ad and break into a jig with his wife anytime.......
Here is a man who can play both the father and the mother even when the situation doesn't demand it...
Here is what I call a complete man......
And here I confess without a pinch of shame for crying hopelessly every time I watched Father of the Bride. 

 Oh yes, My Dad is a carbon copy of Steve Martin!!
Dearest Dada,
# Blame me not for being the incurably ambitious child who aims for the stars. You know you played a good role in inflicting those dreams onto me.
# Blame me not for being the argument addict at times, you know I inherit that from you :P
# Blame me not for being your weakness and strength, you know its your effort and love which grew me into such an adorable daughter ;)
# And finally, Blame me for not being able to make up my mind on all those suitors you brought me.
You have set such a high benchmark, that I would be happy, only if someone could be as half a man as you are.

Happy Father's day!!
Your proud Daughter :)

P.S : Blame me not for posting just one side of  the versatile whiz-dad that you are.:P  You see? I ran out of words. Its like how those fancy cards say " I know, you're good at so many things, but its my fervid conviction that the thing you're best is at being my DAD"


  1. @ Spaceman: Thankyou so much :)!!!

  2. Aw. Sweetness. And the complete man ads. I don't think it would be possible to cook or bathe the kids while wearing the Raymond suit. I am sure that's the only reason. I am a big fan of the Raymond ads myself. :)

  3. Thankyou Zeba !.. Nice to have a new reader on board! :)

  4. Totally loved it :)

  5. Thank you ..:P Really thrilled to find your comment here!.:)

  6. I just came back and read this again.. And went Awwwww again. :)

  7. Awwww Thankyou once again... Spaceman Spiff :)

  8. cant resist leaving this here ...lummaa..

    Thrilled to see the same " rocking complete husband" setting out this morning for planting a new curry plant outside near to the kitchen window so that his wife could avoid running to the curry tree every time and could simply reach out her hands through the window to pluck the fresh curry leaves effortlessly......

    what a romance sirjii??? :)

  9. Woow..

    Now I know where you get your stuff from. I have often felt that kids grow up to imbibe something from their parents (when the parents are sensible and 'good' themselves).

    This explains why you stand out in the crowd.
    And a warm handshake is due to your Prefect Man too, for his efforts haven't gone wasted, I suspect :)

  10. @ Le' mouse: Thankyou so much for your kind words.!
    Your regards and appreciation will be conveyed! :)