Jan 20, 2012

My 'Special' Day

It all starts , when you wake up with a bump on your forehead ( Mosquitoes in Kerala have apt timings!)
Then you're not allowed to go to receive your best friend.( You're the bride, you should always stay in.)
You're not allowed to 'talk too much.' ( Your 'frightening frankness' might just offend people )
Dont laugh loud (It is interpreted as indiscipline)
Dont play with or carry any babies.( They drool and spoil your saree/makeup. The stiffness of the saree becomes more important than showing your love to the one thing that brings you utmost happiness - babies)

Not to mention the beautician, who transforms you into 'the frog princess' you heard of in books and fairy tales ( No exaggerations here)
And the photographer who would make you go “ Im gonna kill you, and I will die too”

All you know is you are a puppet ! “Tilt your head, come forward, lean backward, open your eyes, show your teeth while you smile, look into the lens”- puppet!

And you cannot give ANY of them your piece of mind ( #1 Its not ethical to interfere in someone's work. They should be given their freedom to work. #2 You would be upsetting your dearest ones who hired them for you. #3 Giving your opinion= Throwing Attitude. And when you're the bride, its a BIG NO -NO )

So you don't know who came, who passed, what did they think of the food? Did they enjoy the time they spent?

You are so miffed and miserable that you do not want to even look at the man, you have been waiting and pining for. 
You want the day to end!
You wanna run home and grab his T shirt , bury your nose in it and melt in that smell of his sweet hot sweat, hoping it would drive away all those dreadful moments of your horribly 'special' day.

“Its your day” they say. And thats the day, they walk all over you.
Not over! As a final means to torture , you also get to sing a song and entertain the guests.
And there!!! Congratulations to you! You've finally earned the trophy for the 'most annoyed bride'!!

P. S : I only got engaged! The big day is yet to come! Sigh!
P.P.S: But there were a few moments that cracked me up though. Like when the groom gropes for your feet with his, to check if you're wearing sandals . And a few real cute ones. Like where you look the ring before you put it on him and you see the lines ' Like a moth to a flame' engraved on it  :)


  1. You had to sing a song?? Oh you poor thing, you! :/

    I'm still miffed that I haven't seen a pic yet. But it's ok, maaf kar diya. After all, it was YOUR day. :P

    Congrats babes! Please promise me you won't become one of those girls I hate, who splash their engagement, wedding and honeymoon photos ALL over FB. I will promptly unfriend you if you do. Only on FB, though. :P

    Now quick. A pic. Scram!

    1. Pic and 'Just for gag' videos... as soon as i get hold of them!

      And no... will not be miss splashy- flashy!

  2. I loved reading this. This is exactly what I have been thinking of for the past 2 months. It is said to be your day, but apart from you being in the center of all pics, there is nothing else that makes it YOUR day. I hate smiling, so I'm gonna have to find a photographer who will not run away between because of the all the nasty glances he will get, when he tells me to pose like a cockatoo!!!

    Congratulations BTW and prepare well for D-Day!!!

    1. Thankyou Dragon! and yeah will try not to make a fool outa myself on THE day! :P

  3. COngratulations and heres wishing you all the best always in the new phase of life ..

    oh cum on.. you were the star attraction everyone was there to see you and LISTEN to you tooo ... he he he he

    All the best for the D day


    1. New phase? definitely!! Star attraction?? DOnt Ask!!!

      But thanks!! :D

    "You wanna run home and grab his T shirt , bury your nose in it and melt in that smell of his sweet hot sweat, hoping it would drive away all those dreadful moments of your horribly 'special' day."
    Sooooo cute!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! May you be the amazing bride and not the annoying frog princess bride

    1. Hahaha!The photo... of course!!

      Thankyou so much! :D

  5. Don't worry dear Your Big Day is yet to come.
    Shut them all UP and go with your instincts and that day will be truly YOUR day and you will be the beautiful princess.
    Congrats and so sweet now i knw when u told the engagement ring so cuteeee;)
    waiting to see pics and videos.

  6. Thankyou ever so much! Missed you at the event! Big time! :)

  7. "Like a moth to a flame": I wish I'd thought of that. Out of curiosity, what did you sing?

    1. Icyhighs! :) Thanks for dropping by!!... And oh! The song... it was an old malayalam film song, i used to sing as a child! Not expecting you to know...:)

  8. Hey congrats :) And all the best for your "D" day :)

  9. Congratulations on getting engaged! :)
    Haha, i think you're worrying too much. it'll all be fine in the end. just keep up the plastic-doll-smile throughout :P

    I like your blog. Maybe we could follow each other? :)

  10. Thanks Diksha! I like your blog too... following already :)

  11. Guess I am a bit late....Just 1 month and three days :D But couldn't help. Loved your blog and read almost everything. Congratulations and all the best:)I was wondering if Chingarri littered in your house:)

  12. Ha ha...this is good. Congrats..am gonna stick around here. I dig tongue-in-cheek humor big time. :)

    1. Thanks Again! I dont think of myself as a humorist!.... and i usually write to 'get the load off' if you know wat i mean... But i hope you enjoy wat you read..:)

    2. Oh yeah, I just know what you mean :) - keep at it, though..

      Do come by, when you find some time, yeah? :)