Jan 4, 2012

All about Silent Prayers......

Absolute gratitude is what I feel now!
Complete awe and reverence for every single moment that I got to live and experience.

Have you ever had such glorious moments- the strength and the sweetness of which brings you down on your knee?
Have you gone through feelings that simply cannot be penned?
Experiences which cannot be held in words? The ones you know that wouldnt be just to reduce them down to words?

So precious that you know not if you're worthy of such a privilege.

And you are so content that you cry.
And that riveting release of tears strangely enough brings you joy............. not happiness........ JOY!!

And in that beautiful blessing, that sweet sadness, that piquant pining, that mighty madness....
All that you can do is send out a prayer.......
A silent and sincere one.

Life has been about such silent prayers lately....
It makes me wanna spin!.... Slowly spin like a sufi monk! 

P.S : Im home, and guess what I find? Chingaari is pregnant! AGAIN! :)


  1. It was my pleasure. :-)

    And I am absolutely happy to see you like this. Gratitude is humbling. And brimming of everything beautiful and nice. I hope it stays with you forever. A reason to feel this way.

  2. Edi patti, where do I call you? Your home number? I lost it when my old phone conked off. Call me.

  3. @ Zeba: Thankyou: I hope it stays too :)

    @ Spiff: Calling you now......

  4. hey! the blog looks lovely! and have fun!

  5. Thankyou Nirvana..... I thoroughly enjoy your writing too :) Means much when you drop by!

  6. wonderfull post, i was really drowned in that thought, but then i saw you "P.S" and it made me laugh.
    God bless you

    1. Thankyou Jamal! and welcome aboard , i hope you like it here!