Sep 21, 2011

The moth and the flame

When your feet drags, where it used to sprint
When your eyes smile, where it used to squint
When your hand trembles, where it wanted to grab
And you forget to breathe, but rather gasp

You look away, and your eyes wander
Not 'cos you want your mind to ponder
For, you just dont want your eyes to tell
What your heart is afraid to say

Then comes the day you learn from a moth
That “the flame has always been you”

 Then you know, those awkward silences that passed both
When you run out of things to talk; been 'cause neither could say 'I love You'

A secret desire to hear it from him and wish
He might have whispered  under his breath
Funny, how lil we remembered of each other back then”
And what would it take now to forget.

And so is this how it really feels?
To fall that hard, with nowhere to land
That quiet shudder, when you watch him stand
'Unable to stay …....and unwilling to leave.....'


  1. Sweet, sweet pain of not knowing what exactly you mean to him but knowing that you're not just a friend.

  2. Err.. Is a certain miss in love and not told me about it? :/ Details!!

  3. Spaceman: Appreciate the poetry and move on na??:D

  4. Ah. Such words. Love the thought behind them..

  5. Zeba: NO?? :) Thers an excitement behind the anxiety. Theres so much more meaning behind every glance , every touch, every word....
    Ahhhhh that feeling!That feeling of stirring and churning before it calms down!

  6. Love, totally in the air! 'Unable to stay....Unwilling to leave.....' lovely! :)