Oct 2, 2011

These days...: A Reverie!

I have a screaming nose! Really big! He pulls on it every morning and wakes me up. Yeah HE wakes me up! I would open my eyes into the most beautiful and exquisite smile on the planet .

He laughs and dashes out into the living room. I jump out from my bed, and run after him. I can see him hiding behind the curtains and peeking out...So I sneak up slowly and lift him from behind .....and his laughter fills my morning! And my home!
I carry him into the bathroom and pull out his foot-stand for him so that he can see himself in the mirror, while he brushes with me.
These days, I dont have to help him with brushing. But he still wants me to take a look at his squeaky clean teeth and wants my approving nod, before he can climb onto my back for his morning salsa.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things”

I go about in the kitchen making breakfast, with this l'il giggling piggy on my back, singing with him.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things”

And if I get the lines wrong , he would just sink his teeth onto my shoulder. Im extra cautious now.
These days I rehearse his class rhymes and songs before I can say 'Amen' at night . And I would get the 'stares' from his daddy.
No one believes me at work when I say ,the reddish-purple bruise at the back of my neck is a punishment for goofing up some rhymes.

These days I spent more time on sites like, howstuffworks, answer.com and wikipedia rather than youtube and my favourite blogs. How else will I find answers for questions like “ Why will I not get red , if I mix blue and green”?, “ Why is it that 'girl-cows' dont have horns?” “How is that daddys got a different smell”? “ What does daddy mean when he says 'that was orgasmic' at dinner?

These days, I look more stumped and astonished than ever. Gone are the days when he would point his finger and say 'Ga Ga' or ' Thaa Thaa' and I had to only reply with monosyllables  like, 'fan' ' ball' and 'doll'.

And this morning I rush both son and father to the door as usual to wish “Good day”. His dad picked him up so that he can reach my cheek to kiss me goodbye. He slips his hand around my neck , presses his tiny lips on my cheek and then looks at me , eyebrows creased and says “You look tired darling, may be you should take an off and just sleep the whole day”
My eyes popped , out of sheer shock.

And I told myself as I watched them walk down to the porch “ They grow up really fast these days, dont they”?

P.S : I wanted to write my version of 'Dream Children' from the day I read Charles Lamb.( except that I dont like waking up from the dream)
But HE doesnt have a name yet. Any suggestions??


  1. Ansh? Aryan? Arsh. Virat.. I am yet to read Charles Lamb. Now you make me want to. I read about him in a wonderfully delightful book called Guernsey Potato Peel Literary Society. The book, by the way, is just as lovely as its title. :-)

  2. thamarakshan pilla, thambanoor thambam, titu mon, titti mon, tintu kuttan? good names, I vouch!

    There was a time I used to have nightmares about my future better half and me arguing over names of our offsprings - she rooting for sunil, senil, pratheesh, ramesh, sunish et al, while I stood firm on .. well, can't think of any now. The dream always ended with me giving in - 'coz she bore all the hardships and labour, while I had a nominal contribution in the affair

  3. @ Zeba: I love the names... all of them!
    And reading Charles lamb will be a delightful experience! Grab hold of an essay collection quick!

  4. @ Thomas the Cat: I can totally understand your nightmares......
    But the names?? err.... I appreciate your efforts but no thankyou ! :P

  5. Aaban .. Name of the angel !
    Aahil .. prince !
    Hussam .. Sword !
    These 3 are my favourite names, i thought i should share .. :)

  6. Great post Tutu!! Really enjoyed it!!!

  7. I thought I would be greeted by some wonderful new posts since I am visiting after a long time. But I was disappointed. Do write soon. :-) will grab a copy soon. :-)

  8. Oh kay. Where have you disappeared to?

  9. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.