Jun 15, 2011

Lost Moments ....!!

I wish I had a camera for a fifth limb. Yeah, an inseparable entity of my body; it can just hang there around my neck and click all those moments which I want to savor for a lifetime.
How I wish I had pictures of some moments which would take me back in time.!!
I had a friend who would always gesture a click whenever he thought a moment was worth capturing, just like Kirsten Dunst in the movie Elizabethtown. Its actually a pretty lame yet cute thing for a guy to be doing , but that was not the point.  The point is : No documentation of my journey whatsoever. What a shame !! and  how pathetic can it get?
I wouldn't have anything to show my kids and brag about.
I would have nothing to share with the media, one day when I get famous! ( Now, why did you smile  when I said that)

Here are a few such moments:
  • A picture with my favourite brother, at any of those wonderful places we had been to together( More about him and why he tops the list in another post)
  • The first prestigious award I ever received. The All India Radio National singing competition. I received the award from the Carnatic Maestro Dr. Balamuralikrishna.
  • My first solo classical concert . I cant remember why no one cared to take a picture :(.All those other concerts I did back home, with Gayathri, either singing or playing the Thanpura.
  • From the time I can remember, I was with the All India Radio- first as a child artist, then as a graded artist. Can you all imagine me from the control room, standing and singing in the studio with those huge squarish microphones and headphones. No? Well, dont you think a picture would have helped??
  • Then there is that one of a kind documentary I made with my team . A project which has to go to every student film festival without working stills. ( I wanna cry my guts out over here)
  • I was compere for the first ever short film & documentary festival of Thrissur ( VIBGYOR). I was also compere for the first ever International Theatre festival of Kerala ( Itfok). And I dunno how to find that Beijing Theatre group now, who were the only ones who bothered to click some pictures with me.
  • I won the Kerala State Youth festival for Ashtapadi. But not a single pic of the winner holding that cute Chengila. Not even the next day's newspapers had one. They got a passport size photo of mine from the school to publish. :(
  • The All Round Achiever Award which was bestowed on me for being the most crazy person in college. Well, my kid would want to know how it came to me, right?? She/he would want to see all those popular legendary characters I had played from Shaw's Eliza Doolittle, Dickens' Ebenezer Scrooge and Swami Chinmayananda, to the drunk landlord, the nagging housewife, the dumb servant and even a convicted rapist! ( I wish I knew how I looked in my final Ms. Doolittle outfit)
  • Not a single pic from my college tour to Coorg and Mysore.This time I had my fifth limb, but I lost the whole film at the Tibetan Colony, see? Im telling you it's Murphy's law.

What more to say?? Does anyone feel like buying me a camera ?? Atleast a point and shoot to start with.??

P.S : I have to thank a dear friend of mine here, HRC, for being the spur of this post.


  1. Use your mobile camera at least to capture those special moments. Fortunately or unfortunately, for me there are not much achievements, but with the limited ones I have, now when I look back, I can relive those ages..

  2. Back then I didnt even have a mobile phone,Arun!! :(

  3. It helps if you have a photographic memory. You can just describe everything in great detail.:) And now that you've put this up here, you'll never EVER forget it.