May 16, 2011

*Rain drops keep fallin' on ma head.........

It rained in Bangalore..... yet again!!. It squalled and thundered. Trees fell, UPS failed, Power gone and my clothes that were happily drying at home got a bonus wash.
As I was leaving from work, one of my colleagues advised me to stay in till it stopped pouring. But it is my fervid conviction that I would make use of any opportunity that might come by, to enjoy every single situation in life as it is ( I try, you see, to live in the moment).
So what do I do? I roll up my jeans, tie up my hair into a bun, spread open my umbrella, and splash right into the puddle.
Boy!! and wasnt that fun.
The scent of the fresh, wet, earth and the chill of the mighty excited storm filled my senses.
In a few minutes, I couldnt see through my glasses. it had droplets all over it.So I took them off and dangled it on my collar. ( Anyone who has been around me for a while, knows that that is where I always put it.)
The roads, were practically empty, to my surprise, except for the public transport buses and some private cars. Most of them had parked their vehicles, in nearby places and had found shelter, either in some shops or buildings.
While the fat, heavy raindrops were hammering down, I got to see how people reacted so differently to this cloudburst.
A bunch of yuppie college kids had fun pushing each other into the rain out of a totally packed bus station, A couple found it cozy and safe inside an ATM kiosk( an ATM booth!!!! i sooo wanted to say "what an idea, sirjee"), Men complained and cursed the rain, as they wiped water off their helmets and laptop bags, Women tried holding up all those duppattas and salwar and scarf and a number of other clothes and goodies they had on them and some tiny tots played with paper boats .
They all stared at me like I were a specimen, hopping in the rain, singing to myself, the too-happy-to-be-true-kinds.
Now this moment, ....... this very moment of my life...was indelible happiness........
I knew exactly what to do as i got home. I changed into some warm clothes, made a hot steaming cup of coffee for myself, and left the door open so that i could watch the rain as i wrote .... this!!

* from the BJ Thomas song.


  1. Nice!

    It is my fervid conviction that you should write more. :)

  2. Thankyou HARI!! I am trying/Struggling would be the right word.... Hopefully i'll get a hang of it soon.

  3. Lovely. Just too lovely. I'm always partial towards people who write about the rain. :)

  4. @ Spaceman: Thankyou!! :) May be we should play in the rain together sometime.