Aug 26, 2011

First Blog award!

This is way too early. I have a blog, but I also know that having a blog doesnt make me a writer... I ramble.... I cant write …. at least not yet!
But it was very sweet of Spaceman spiff to think I have the potential
So Im just going to quietly follow the drill and be done with... and perhaps pass on the award to some bloggers who I think really CAN write. :)
Now for the usual tradition

  • # Link back the person who gave you the award.---- check!! 

  • ( P.S : Thankyou... Its a Really Nice Birthday Gift!)

  • 7 Random things about you (This wasnt very easy, I swear)

    1. I sit still in my bed and smile .... every morning, at least for an hour. I cant start my day without that bit. 
    2. Strings---- I have a huge crush on plucked instruments-- Acoustic Guitars- Flamenco, Baroque, Harp, Banjo- Oud, Kora, Sitar, Shamisen, Biwa, Ukelele, Balalaika...... the list never ends. Play me something really romantic on any of these, and Im yours........they have such an effect on me.
    3. Im anti-diamonds! I probably would say NO to any guy who might get down on his knee offering me a diamond ring .
    4. I love talking to myself and to my imaginary friends when Im in the loo. ( yeah, thats where I play out most of the conversations ---- the ones which I wish I were part of, the ones which I screwed up, the ones I wish would happen in real life........... I know what you're thinking now, but please keep it yourself :P)
    5. I shamelessly ogle at babies. One reason why I love Anne Geddes. She makes me wanna get all those babies in a box and keep 'em for myself.( Reminds me of how Spaceman Spiff and I would go to the 0- 3 year old section at every store, and end up smelling, kissing and “awww”ing at cute tiny lil striped baby socks, night pants and dresses, till the people around gave us “ the looks”)
    6. I love stationery- newly sharpened pencils, gel pens, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, notepads, calendar books, diaries, pen-holders, paper weights, scrap books................ you know what Im talking about.
    7. I collect Nat-Geo photographs. I used to have a white board in my hostel room.... with all these pictures pinned up. Now since I have no access to the magazines , I collect them online.

    My favourite song: Very very very unfair question! But I dont wanna break rules here... so here's one song Im quite popular for.

    My favourite dessert : Death by chocolate , Chocolate souffle, Molten chocolate cake, …. basically anything just chocolate would do! But the caramal pudding I had with AJ at Casa Piccola was orgasmic!

    What pisses me off : I just cannot think of any!.....I'll let you all know when I have one!.

    Biggest fear: A cage........... being a prisoner of my own mind................NO I take that biggest fear would be not being able to Love.

    Best Feature: A friend who was once opening the car's door for me, looks down and holds sight of my ugly ass feet, makes a really sad expression..... and looks up to say it on my face. But ends up saying..
    Wow... you have ( stammers.... and finally blurts out)… have really beautiful eyes”!!
    So EYES it is! ( 'cause I still, clearly remember the look on his face)

    Everyday attitude: To find awesomeness and happiness in every single thing around me

    What is perfection: Perfect is never doing anything wrong - which means never doing anything at all. Perfect is boring!

    Guilty pleasure: Cheese balls : I think Im addicted to it. I find it really hard to stop munching on them. I love everything about it--- The bland taste of the cheese, the crunchiness of the corn grits and even the stale smell of it :P 

    #Give the award away to 15 other bloggers--- Check

    In random order

    Zeba- She's one blogger whose words have made way it into my small notebook .
    # Just Kalpana- If I were a book publisher, I would sign a deal with her.. for a comic book series called “Stumped”
    #Thomas theCat- I spent one whole night reading every single post in his blog. He's got a piquant sense of humour..........Im sure you'll like him.
    #VnP- I think he's a really good writer, If only he blogged more often ( perhaps full-time writers need other pass-time activities)
    #Toddler scribbles- That's no toddler-scribbling . Read her , and you'll know why
    # Lilyferus- Im really really glad that I got to know her! She's a nut case and I just love her for all the brilliant madness that she is!
    # Keep Smiling- He is just like the name of his blog.. .. all smiles!.. And an infectious one that too . He's got this amazing talent of spreading those smiles as well.
    # Blue Lotus,Cloud Nine and Nirvana: Im new to their blogs....and now I regret I couldnt get to them earlier!.
    # Hey you, Spaceman Spiff, Full-Adda Diddi.- uhhh...... errr...........hmm... There are no words that can describe you guys!.... Instead I'll give you all a bear hug!!
    # Chocoholic, and Red handed :You've become like family now....:) I get worried if I dont get to read a new post of yours every week.


    1. Hey i am a family!! Thankyou so much!
      Keep writing the way u do coz we loove reading you. Be it about urself or any subject you write about, your post have the attitude which makes us keep on reading without skipping lines. Yes! I hav the habit f skipping lines n reading if its boring but u have never provided me with the chance to do so.:p

      congratulations on the award!

    2. FInally!! I thought you were not going to accept the award!
      :) And your best feature according to me is your smile, and your voice.
      I still remember the thermocol board filled with NatGeo pictures. :)
      And what re?? I'm not family kya??!! :( *sniff sniff*

    3. @ Red : Thats very kind of you :D!. I'll try my best not to provide you with a post , where you might wanna skip lines while reading!!

      @ Spaceman: It was your gift... how could I not accept it... Accepted with all grace and poise :D
      My smile ... ok. Though sometimes I feel I smile like ( Eli Punnellu Kandathu pole :P)
      And honey, you were always in the family!!!.... YOU need special invite kya??? :P

    4. 1) CONGRATS on the award:)
      2) Bathroom conversation, aaaah:) can I say me too?:P
      3) Babies. I want one. Make that ten. No maybe a dozen. Erm, more?
      4) NatGeo photos, wow. They ARE indescribably wonderful.

      And lastly, thank you so much:) Not many people want a non-stop nonsensic like me as their family:) <3

    5. @Priyanka: Loo-talk?? Hiigh-faive!!! :D.... That itself makes us Family!

    6. Congrats on the award - and you deserve it!

      Good Lord.... sniff, sniff!!! my first award! And really kind words..... thank you!!!!!

    7. Ambo! Kollalo... :)

      And thank you for the award!

    8. Came from Nirvana's blog .. congratulation on the award ...

      I am not a diamond person too .. too expensive :)


    9. @Nirvana: Cant believe its your first! I thought you must getting bored of awards! No kidding!

      @ Hariprasad: Well.... you asked me to start blogging, so its just fair, to giveaway my first award to you!

      @ Mannbikram: Thankyou so much!
      But i had different reasons for being anti-diamond. And its got nothing to do with the cost!

    10. Wow. I saw this now. I am feeling extremely terrible about it now. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was scrolling through your blog today. I wanted to come to this space when I had the time to read your words. I was also looking for your email ID to send you my heartfelt thanks but I guess I will settle with a inappropriately sappy comment. :) Much much love your way.

    11. I get thrilled everytime you drop a comment Zeba!! will email you my heartfelt thanks instead! :D
      Cos Im smitten, smitten by your writing! :)