Aug 21, 2011


Background Note: Introducing a dear friend, VnP ( Visions and Perceptions), who took sweet pains to turn an otherwise boring birthday of mine into rather a memorable one.
I hadnt moved an inch from my bed that day and I was almost positive that Im in a relationship with my mattress and pillows , when he calls up and says, “ Im not happy with what Im writing. So how about I just give you a list of songs I like, and may be catch up over dinner tonite?”
So I quickly take a cold shower, which I thought might slap me awake from my 'comfortably numb' state.
We ended up in TGIF and over the first half we spent there, he kept telling me that I was lost!
And I kept telling myself,.......Gosh, Im getting old!
We decided we wont order for the dessert. We are so stuffed already!
That thought had hardly passed when the service lads of TGIF comes to our table with a delicious looking chocolate cake and a CHAIR!.
And what happened next must have been a very good laugh for everyone else in the restaurant . 'Cause I was dancing on that chair to a Birthday song I've never ever heard in my life with all the waiters singing and clapping around me. ( Apparently thats the TGIF tradition!)
Thank you VnP! Perhaps another day, I 'll get back to you for that!

You can find much of his sensible, hilarious and very very creative writings , ramblings and character sketches here , here and here.

So heres his choice of songs for now. I like all of it already. Hope you all like 'em too.!!


Foals - Blue Blood

Beautiful vocals. Peaceful guitar. And it all picks up gently to a nice crescendo. And lets you fall from there slowly. You will probably go back to this song for its opening.

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

Another Indie band, but these guys have made it pretty big. The song is smooth with a very catchy chorus and the whistling bit in between just nails the song.

(Yes, they've been Vevo-ed. That means they are going up the commercial charts.)

Charlotte Gainsborough - Trick Pony

The Myntra ad had this amazing amazing track. Just when we were thinking it was an original, comes Charlotte Gainsborough with Trick Pony. Her album IRM is a brilliant mesh of electronic sounds, heavy percussion that also includes some unconventional Indian bits. But for now, Trick Pony.

Gotye - Somebody that I Used to Know (Feat. Kimbra)

Last year I discovered Heart's a Mess, and Gotye does it again with this song. Eclectic sounds, beautiful arrangement and that quintessential Gotye vocals. Give it a listen on good speakers or headphones. The chorus is again really really lilting. And wait for Kimbra to arrive with her bit.

Junip - To the Grain

In all this Junip has to be the find of the month. Amazing vocals from Jose Gonzales. Beautiful sounds layered with synths, acoustic guitar and that voice that will just set your heart going. The live version of Junip's To The Grain shows how beautiful their music is inherently, unlike bands like Weatherwanes who sounded really terrible live.

-- Gopi


  1. U r becom'g a lazy bum these days;)
    nice videos

  2. @ Nah ! Not lazy ... Refer to the euphemistic way of calling it ...'comfortably numb':P

    And Im glad you liked the videos......:D

  3. your choice of songs is really different!!
    love your blog gurl :)

  4. @ Ginger: Thanks for dropping by....Im glad you like the blog, but Im a novice, lots to learn.! :D

    And those songs, were picked and chosen by a friend(VnP) who I have mentioned in the post.But I dig 'em all!

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