May 26, 2011

Yet Again.........

I was having just another normal weekend when I bumped into him.
Why did he have to come now?? .His ill-mongering shadows were not following me for sometime. And I thought i had got rid of him
My heart suddenly became heavy  and all those pestiferous feelings which came along with him every time I crossed his way crept back at dead of night
I couldnt get myself to focus at work. A deadly drowsiness draped itself deliriously around me.
Once again i could not sleep.
I struggled to breathe.
I choked on air.
I kept tossing and turning in my sheets.
My tiny little trashcan couldnt hold anymore tissues.
I buried myself in the blankets, shivering now, sweating then
My body was broken, my blood was boiling in anguish.
My lips had become dry and stiff as an old oak
I lost my voice. I could barely speak.

I dint go to work the next day. I couldnt fight him anymore. And this wasnt the first time that he took over me this way.
So I decided I shouldnt resist , and instead just let him pass.
Hereafter this is how im gonna handle you. I wont runaway from you, neither am I gonna fight you. I'll just let you pass. 
And today Im feeling much better.

I just followed  my late granny's advise.... took steam and gargled regularly and kept clearing the nasal passage with saline drops.
My throat still needs some mending. That apart, I feel as sound as a nut.


  1. Aww.. Take care, sweetie.. You'll be fine in no time. :) I'm sure you're missing your wonderful ex-roomie (Hint: the author of this comment. Need more hint? Alright. ME ME ME!!) who used to take care of you so wonderfully during your hostel days. :p

  2. I know you well Spaceman Spiff!! :P No introductions required!