Sep 14, 2012

Free From YOU

Im Sorry, we turned bad and bitter
Im Sorry, we grew far and foreign
Im Sorry, we are strange and stiff
Im Sorry, but I want to be free from you

You remind my debts and don't let me dream
You reflect my pain and make me scream
You bring out my worst , let alone rest
To free myself of you, I think is best

Hoped you would help, not hurt me
Wished you would love, not mock me
Now I wonder if you'd ever be proud
Now I think if you'd ever let me be.

Forgive me for giving up on you
Forgive me for trying so hard
Forgive me for losing all hope
Forgive me for freeing myself from you


  1. Uh oh, what brought this verse about?? I hope it's just melancholic fiction :/

    Also, sent you a friend request on FB- just saying :)

    1. Accepted on FB!!! YAY!! We're FRIENDS now! And I promise to come up with something happier next time.. But i hardly get the time, I have so much catching up to do on your blog itself.!! :D

    2.'re long overdue there. So come over and start reading. :) (Seriously) :P


  2. I just loved the lines....

    Do come at my world sometime...

  3. I loved the emotions inside each line. Your blog is very attractive. I started with mine just recently. Please do visit & follow. I hope you'll like it.
    I'll follow you too :)

    1. Guess Im a bit late to reply. But thankyou, you're too kind. Will drop in at your space sometime soon :)